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“Test Pattern” exhibited at ISEA 2013

Next 8th of June to 1st of July the stunning installation Test Pattern from Ryoji Ikeda will be exhibited in the ISEA international symposium of electronic arts.

Test Pattern is a large scale installation where different types of data (texts, sounds…) are converted into 0s and 1s and projected as barcode patters on a huge stage where the observer is inmense.
The experience exposes us in front of a representation of the huge amount of data that we generate and populates our space, producing an inmersive and stroboscopic effect.

The japanese artist based in Paris, Ryoji Ikeda, has an strong reputation for his installations and performances where sound, images and information are interrelated and play with the viewer’s perception.

More information about the artist.




Image Gredit by Park Avenue Armory New York and Forma. James Ewing


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This entry was posted on March 14, 2013 by in Computer art, Digital art.

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