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Leonardo da Vinci’s codices exhibited


Definitely not a digital artist, but Leonardo was, more than any other, one of the artists that more deeply researched the connections between arts and sciences.
The Biblioteca Nacional de España (Spanish National Library) preserves two original codices from Leonardo, known as Codex Madrid I and II.
During 2010 and 2011 they performed a deep restoration over the two volumes that are now temporarily displayed in the exhibition The imaginarium of Leonardo. Codices Madrid at the National Library.

The codices consist in a collection of the author’s thoughts about aesthetics, mechanics, optics, sculpture (including his studies about the Sforza’s giant horse sculpture), engineering and nature phenomenons.
The exhibition will run until july 29th 2012. A unique chance to see first hand the superb legacy of an artist-scientist genius.

In addition to the restoration, the codices has be scanned and a digital version is now available online for public use.
Find the digital version of both codices here.



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